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Your kitchen backsplash is one area to add your personal touch. We have several preferred venders we can take you personally to find that perfect look. A well done job can bring you beauty every time you enter a room, we suggest taking your time on material selection and design. One of our favorite is the classic timeless looks of subway tile in varies patterns to keep it fun.

Solid surfaces and a quality tile backsplash can add years of beauty and protection in your kitchen.

Cost on similar project start at 35$ a sq ft

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Tile showers and surrounds

We all spend a good amount of time in the shower, so why not make it beautiful and invigorating every time you use it? The brain catches every single detail of a room when you enter it. That is exactly why being plum level and absolutely minimum lippage between tiles is so important to us. Before a single tile is installed we will do whatever it takes to prep your surface to plum and desired pitch or level. This will make your space feel clean and in order, great ways to start or end your day.

Make a statement and add value to your home with a new beautiful shower.

Cost on similar projects start at 25$ a sq ft

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